Are you an investigator working on a patient-oriented research project that is in need of a student/trainee at the undergraduate or post-graduate level? If so, please submit the project-specific details through our online application.

Note that at this time no stipend support is provided through this initiative, so listed projects will either be requesting volunteer candidates or have adequate funds available in the proposed research budget. A compilation of available funding opportunities can be found here.

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In research, patients traditionally participate as subjects of research. Patient-oriented research (POR) is a continuum of research that engages patients as partners. As partners in research, patients take on a more active role and are engaged meaningfully to have a stronger impact on various impacts of the research project. Ultimately, POR aims to use patient-identified research priorities to improve patient outcomes, health systems, and practices.


What does a Patient-Oriented Research project look like?


Criteria How is this demonstrated?
Engages patients as partners
Do you have patient partners on your research team?
Focuses on patient-identified priorities

Can you demonstrate that your research idea is a priority for patients?
Improves patient important outcomes

Are you measuring outcomes that matter to patients?
Multidisciplinary teams in partnership
with relevant stakeholders
Aside from researchers and patient partners, do you have the other necessary people on your research team – e.g. knowledge users like health system decision makers and healthcare providers?
Aims to apply the knowledge generated to improve healthcare systems and practicesIs the research going to be used in the near term for policy and practice improvement?